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The Closest Thing To Being Home

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Adkins, Taylor
Allison, Noah
Amato, Noelle
Anderson, Cheyane
Bailey, Crystal
Bauer, Joshua
Bergert, Jillian
Bickel, Lizbeth
Boley, Amber
Brush, Cody
Call, Michael
Carter, Joshua
Cook, Courtney
DaLonzo, Nicholas
Deem, Dominic
Dinch, Seth
Dowling, Joseph
Drysdale, Jeremy
Dye, Jason
Eckenrode, Electra
Farnsworth, Kaleb
Fielder, Ashley
Hardman, Taylor
Hayes, Tonya
Jackson, Dominique
Kiser, Irene
Lamp, Lemial
Livolsi, Rilee
Lyle, Landon
MacLean, Travis
Mays, Jeffrey
McMahon, Jeffrey
Medeiros, Kathryn
Merriman, Bradley
Miller, Shelby
Raffa, Ashley
Reed, Jacob
Ross, Briana
Russell, Amanda
Saracco, Alyson
Stein, Yakira
Stokes, Kaitlyn
Taylor, Bethany
Thomas, Vance
Tipton, Mikyla
Watkins, Leonard
Wellington, Dylan
Wells, Lesha
Williams, Alexander
Wolfe, Kayla
Wright, Dustin

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Sparky Miller
547 Wells-Hollow Road
Wellsville, Ohio 43968