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John Allen Brown



Can't wait to graduate... wants to join the service... likes basketball... bashful when with girls.

Norma Jean Buxton



Participates in all sports... fun-loving personality... hails from the country... literally lives in her blue jeans

Daniel Joseph Carney



Tops at football... full of fun... likes to sance... a member of student council.

Helen Virginia Carpenter



Always quiet... likes candy... wants to become a nurse... anxious to graduate.

Marlin Carter



He has won many awards in football... little but mighty... a wonderful person to know.

Eugene Joseph Ceneviva



A sharp dresser... always has a smile... thinks basketball is tops... plans to retire at age 21.

Mary Elizabeth Channels



Always smiling... future beautician.. blushes easily... very very quiet.

David Clark



Rides the schoolbus... curly blond hair... plays intramurals... is joining Uncle Sam soon.

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