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Wellsville High School
Senior Class List 1946
Wellsville Ohio U.S.A
The Closest Thing To Being Home

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Adney, Mary Catherine Albaneso, Joe Andrews, Mary
Barnes, Margaret (Croskeky) * Bingham, Marion Bowlby, Paul
Bush, John Campbell, Jean Carter, John*
Corbisello, Theresa Corsello, Phillip Diloretto, Mary Helen
Donaldson, Marquerite Eckfeld, Frederick Evans, Patricia
Ference, Agnes Fishback, Mary Lou Fitzgerald, Jr, Edward
Fouch, Betty Jo* Frederick, William Frontone, Michael
Furniss, Barbara Giles, James Giuliani, Joseph *
Giuliani, Michael Hanlon, Thomas Hawksworth, Donald
Heckathorn, Gladys Roberta* Henthorn, Bessie Henthorn, Martha E. (Little) *
Howe, Alice Hunter, Shirley* Kennedy, Jacqueline
Kerr, JoAnn* Kiddey, Lois King, Mary
Leatherberry, Ray* Lewton, Lewis F. * Lombardozzi, Lucy
Longo, Antoinette Lyle, Dorothy MacLean, John
Mackall, Gladys Mason, Patricia* McAdoo, Eva Lou
McDowell, Mary McFall, Eleanor McKenzie, Eileen
McNicol, Thomas McPeake, Regina Merical, Mary*
Merriman, Lawrence Miller, Josephine Miller, Joyce (Lewis) *
Miller, Shirley Monte, Mary Jo* Monte, Virginia
Montgomery, James Montgomery, Naomi Moore, Richard*
Morgan, Dale Morgan, Marjorie Morrow, Doris*
Mortland, Carl Needs, Phyllis Nelson, Russell*
Nelson, Mildred Payne, Frederick* Payne, Ellene
Pelley, Donna Jean Pepe, Matthew Reville, Mary (DeSenze) *
Roberts, Helen Rossi, Jr, Patsy Ryder, Jr, William
Salsberry, Robert Salsberry, Sarah Sanders, Margaret
Sanford, Jeanne* Sirianni, Lorraine Smith, Delores
Smith, Loretta Jayne Smith, Mabel (Henry) * Smith, Margaret Jean
Snyder, Margaret* Stout, Jean Ann* Tefft, Gertrude*
Thompson, Dorothy* Tomaine, Thomas* Trainer, Alfonso*
Travis, Ann Vallera, Jesse Van Dyne, Phyllis
Vaness, Richard Vermillion, Dorothy Vermillion, Ruth (Reed) *
Vernon, Pearl Wathey, Betty Watson, Grace
West, Shirley Whitaker, Juanita Wilcox Jarvis, Jean
Wilfing, Jr, William * Williams, Martha Wilson, James Robert
Winters, Delores (Steebner) * Backus, Hazel Clark, Dan*
Daniels, Emmett Guidone, Genevieve Meade, Lawrence 'Jim'*
O'Hara, Jacques Rowley, Willis* Wathey, Lillian

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Internet Archive by:
Sparky Miller
547 Wells-Hollow Road
Wellsville, Ohio 43968