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Wellsville High School Yearbook
Class Of 1937
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Senior Class Of 1937

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Ruth "Glover" Culp

First Row: Mike Varish, Rocco Lioi, Dale Smith, Virginia King, Leatha Zeiner, Edmund Croft, Geraldine Riel, Sam McConnell, Frank Leyda, Betty Nicholson, Courtland Maple, Winnie Steebner, Kenny Bell, Lucille Johnson, Naomi Rosenberger, Ethel Mundy, Mabel Bibbee, Wally Fogo, Marion Roberts, Paul Lyons, Julia Moncrief, Florence Dickey

Second Row: John Joseph, Eleanor Couls, Hazel Smith, Janet Savage, Ed Broderick, Jane Savage, Ralph Mann, Bernard Quinlan, Sam Volino, Helen DeFalco, Albert Wood, Charles Palmer, Frances Clark, Fannie Franklin, Mary Inverso, Robert Excell, Mary Bonacci, Ruth Glover, Eddie Casto, Dorothy Wucherer, Violet Rickey

Third Row: Ray Crews, Bob Hampson, Rose Cuffaro, Anna M. Davidson, Dorothy Dickey, Tom Rawlings, Eunice Carney, Jay Reed, Bill Lowary, Jane Cook, Elmer Shaffer, Mary J. Strabley, Frank Miller, Laura Sherman, Bill McGary, Margaret Givens, Mary Zearley, Fred Carnes, Evelyn Miller, Albert Leith, Mary J. Hand, Betty Leatherberry, Glayde Asher

Fourth Row: Mike Roberts, Everett Hays, Dan Henderson, Myrtle Boyd, Charles Rockwood, George Stepanovich, Ralph Bibbee, Bob Roseberry, Bob Crooks, Bob Madden, Dorothy Barcus, Olive Freeland, Pauline McConnell, Bob Haught, Lyndale Payne, Dorothy Gregory, Elmer Dysert, Rose M. Hartman, Tom Davidson, Bill Wucherer, Alice Jordon, Clara Bologna, Bill Williams

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